Worth Experiencing


My dad brought me under his wing and started teaching me how to do some of his work. Breads, Danish, cookies and the all time famous custard filled Beehive. Now that is something worth experiencing.

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Recipes Worth Experiencing

My dad tried teaching me how to make the recipes, but, there was a problem with doing the recipes. Because, I did not have the muscles to lift the 40+ quart bowls full of the ingredients is this part worth experiencing?

Scaled Off Sizes

I had to work with the scaled off sizes, which was helping but, it has been a very hard task to fulfill when it comes to baking these days or being able to be called a baker, you must understand why you are using certain ingredients and the results of the product, like the rising and falling of an item.  This is where they say you need to know the science behind it.

Too Late To Learn

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I guess I could learn it now, but, what is the point right?  I am old, what is there to gain from it now?  Not true, there is always a need for it, you may need to make your own bread at home or you may need to teach someone else, so others are able to fend and feed themselves.  Knowledge is gained when you make food from scratch, and why not try using healthy ingredients like whole grains and fruit.

We can ingest items but, we must be cautious by not over indulging in them.  Speaking of which, I used to eat our baked goods, but, I worked out too, at this time I was the smallest I have ever been in life.  Do all things in moderation and remember that exercise is a great stress reliever  we all need to do some sort of exercise, remain fit, don’t be a couch potato there is no benefits to that.

Try Something Different Its All Worth Experiencing

Be unique by trying something different, why hold out for something you truly want, what are the advantages and disadvantages of experiencing something?


By Bakers Daughters Goods

I'm what you would call a third generation baker. I will walk you through my life as a baker’s daughter. It is my hope to educate you along the way. Living life the only way I know how and that is by helping others. It is time to start thinking outside the box, start from scratch to learn the basics! I was created for overseeing, training and caring for the needs of others. Which means I’m usually very patient, people-centered and willing to spend time in prayer for others. My pleasing personality draws people to me. I have a burden to see others learn and grow and I am protective of those under my care.I have the spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God.

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