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Who Are These People?


Where Did These People Come From?

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Who are these people and where did they come from? People of all ages; youth, adults and their families arrived and more of them continued to arrive as time went on.

All we needed to do was create the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  The smoke-filled air was wonderful to smell. This smoke-filled air brought many new faces; some homeless and local residents. 

Back Yards

When we smell charcoal within our neighborhoods the smell makes us think of ourselves and what we want. We start thinking about us and what should we bar-b-q.  We may even think about inviting someone over to join us.

Front Yards

Do we feel comfortable enough in our own neighborhoods to go in the front yard and grill up food?   That would mean thinking of others versus our selves…ouch.

If we stay in the back yard we won’t be vulnerable, approachable, and we can stay guarded.  If anything those feelings make us want to bar-b-q in our own space, Would we ever show up on a neighbor’s door step and expect to be invited in?

What ever happened to neighborhood community gatherings?

Are you Fenced In?

As we feed in an open yard last night allowed people from all over to come and eat

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Homeless People

So many homeless families are currently sleeping in their vehicles.  Some of the families are living on the streets.  How would you comfort them?

Movie and Popcorn Oh My

We all had another amazing opportunity, to serve the people with movie night and popcorn. The movie they watched was called “Gods Not Dead” and they ate popcorn.  At the end of the movie the pastor Sarai had an altar call. Some of these people came forward eagerly to accept Christ into their lives.  There honestly is no better way to end an amazing day.  It was so amazing we were speechless on our drive home.

Words cannot express last nights homeless outreach street event in front of Faith Alive Christian Church, this is one church that is all about community and unity.

God Answers Prayers Don’t You Ever Forget It!


Living my life the only way I know how and that is by helping others. I have a burden to see others learn and grow and I am protective of those under my care.

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  1. I can’t seem to get the little one off my mind today. They were so loving and accepting of me. Three of them found the spool of ribbon I used to tie down the umbrella. They asked for a little bit of it and were very grateful and it took a minute to cut some for them. How could anyone not want to help those smiling little faces.

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