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A Pastry Decorating Tip


I’d like to share something with you that took place when I was cleaning a pastry decorating tip. Pastry decorating tips comes in all sizes and they have multiple uses.

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Making A Batch of Cookies

Vanilla and chocolate swirl cookies require the use of a large pastry decorating tip and when it comes to making this soft batch of cookies the tip size matters.

After incorporating all the baking ingredients together in a mixer. The batter will need to be placed into a large pastry bag but only after the large pastry decorating tip is placed in the bag.

A plastic scraper is the best tool to use for transferring the soft batch of cookie dough from the mixing bowl to the pastry bag.

The cookie dough will automatically fall down and into the pastry decorating tip. Fill the pastry bag half way. Otherwise, you will not be able to twist the top of the bag. If it’s your first time filling a large pastry bag full of cookie dough, you may want to practice with icing many time over to get a feel for the various amounts of substance you can handle.

Next, I twist the top of the bag and hold it with my right hand to prevent the batter from coming out of the top. Then, I use my left hand to squeeze the middle of the bag and all together I move in a circular motion to start and finish the cookie placement onto the baking sheet.

Applying the correct amount of pressure and making each cookie the same size is important. Especially, when it comes to the baking times. Its important to have all the cookies evenly baked.

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When Cleaning A Pastry Decorating Tip and A Pastry Bag

When it came time to clean the pastry decorating tip and the pastry bag by hand. The first thing I will do is run hot water into the pastry bag with the decorating tip pointing down. This will allow the cookie batter to run out the end of the pastry bag. Hopefully, it will flow out the pastry decorating tip and into your garbage disposal.

As I am running hot water into the bag the water stopped coming out the tip. This meant that there is a blockage somewhere in the tip and bag.

These blockages can be prevented if you make sure to scrap down the mixing bowl well. Otherwise Make the baking ingredients will not incorporate well.

Panic Stricken

After all the attempts I was making to push the water and the dough out of the pastry bag. I decide to put my hand into the bag and use my finger to locate and dislodge the blockage.

Eventually, my finger went out the end of the pastry decorating tip. I’m stuck and I cannot even pull my finger out. The teeth grasped a hold of my finger. So, I start to panic about what I’m going to be able to do next.

I know I need to calm down to prevent swelling. Thinking about my surroundings various as thoughts are running through my mind. Should I run to the neighbor’s house or should I try and drive myself to emergency? 

Next thing I attempt to do on my own is grab a tool from a toolbox. As I attempt to pry one of the sharp tooth edges away from my finger the other teeth gouge around my finger even more. Next, I decide to pull my finger out and again the teeth pierce deeper into my flesh and shred my skin even more.

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A thought pops into my head telling me to use my unconfined hand to squeeze the upper part of the tip. I grab the upper part of the tip and squeeze as hard as I can.

Lesson to be learned is listen to that still small voice, the one that is there to free you from the teeth of the evil one. Doing just that opened the narrow end of the tip and allowed me to dislodge my finger.

Free From The Pastry Decorating Tip

I’m finally free from this ordeal. This thing I did to myself all because, I was impatient and because, I didn’t know how to prevent something like this from happening in the first place.

If I was taught how to clean a tip the correct way maybe this would have never happened. Or, is that I was supposed to be in this predicament in the first place for me to learn and teach others to not make the same mistake I made?

This situation was an awful feeling. I felt hopeless with no one there to rescue me.

When I decided to think of ways to remove myself from this particular situation. I paused or at least I thought I did, that is when I heard a voice tell me to grab a particular part of the tip and that’s when I grabbed hold to what really mattered.

Remember we cannot give up on our situations we must try and remain calm and ask God to help us through all our circumstances.

Pastry Decorating Tip Choices

It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right pastry tip. The various shapes and sizes have countless ways by which you can be inspired.

Celebrate and make the time to come together and celebrate everything under the stars.