The Long Haul


The Long Haul Has Its Advantages

Here are encouraging words from last Thursday please stick it out over the long haul.

Praise Report

Mike and Pat gave me several hugs and with tears said he couldn’t have made it without our help! Praise the Lord. He and Pat are getting married. Then, another fellow last week said he thought Jesus could leave him but, I assured him that Jesus says He will never leave us or forsake us. He needed that assurance! God Bless praying for you – John and Linda

Attached to her sweet message above was a message from Jesus Lives Victorious Living

Stick It Out Over The Long Haul

Receive my glory strength when ongoing problems require you to stick it out over the long haul, your faith sometimes falters. That’s when you resort to grimly gritting your teeth – simply passing time in a negative frame of mind. This is not the way I want you to deal with difficulties. We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul-not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives.

It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy. Colossians 1:11

I am sovereign over the circumstances of your life, so there are always opportunities to be found in them. Sometimes those opportunities to be found in them. Sometimes those opportunities are so obvious you can’t miss seeing them. See, the sovereign Lord comes with power…and his recompense accompanies him. Isiah 40:10

Journey’s Long Haul

At other times-especially when the journey is hard and seems endless-you have to search for hidden treasure. Do not be like the man who hid his master’s talent in the ground because he was disgruntled with his circumstances. And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours. Matthew 25:25 He gave up and took the easy way out; blaming his hard situation, the more treasure there is for you to discover in it. I gladly give you glory-strength; it is limitless and freely available to each of my follower. It is exceedingly potent, because the spirit himself empowers you strengthening you with Power in your inner being moreover, glory-strength enables you to keep on enduring the unendurable. Since this strength has no limits there is more than enough of it to spill over into Joy!

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.

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Who Are These People?


Where Did These People Come From?

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Who are these people and where did they come from? People of all ages; youth, adults and their families arrived and more of them continued to arrive as time went on.

All we needed to do was create the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  The smoke-filled air was wonderful to smell. This smoke-filled air brought many new faces; some homeless and local residents. 

Back Yards

When we smell charcoal within our neighborhoods the smell makes us think of ourselves and what we want. We start thinking about us and what should we bar-b-q.  We may even think about inviting someone over to join us.

Front Yards

Do we feel comfortable enough in our own neighborhoods to go in the front yard and grill up food?   That would mean thinking of others versus our selves…ouch.

If we stay in the back yard we won’t be vulnerable, approachable, and we can stay guarded.  If anything those feelings make us want to bar-b-q in our own space, Would we ever show up on a neighbor’s door step and expect to be invited in?

What ever happened to neighborhood community gatherings?

Are you Fenced In?

As we feed in an open yard last night allowed people from all over to come and eat

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Homeless People

So many homeless families are currently sleeping in their vehicles.  Some of the families are living on the streets.  How would you comfort them?

Movie and Popcorn Oh My

We all had another amazing opportunity, to serve the people with movie night and popcorn. The movie they watched was called “Gods Not Dead” and they ate popcorn.  At the end of the movie the pastor Sarai had an altar call. Some of these people came forward eagerly to accept Christ into their lives.  There honestly is no better way to end an amazing day.  It was so amazing we were speechless on our drive home.

Words cannot express last nights homeless outreach street event in front of Faith Alive Christian Church, this is one church that is all about community and unity.

God Answers Prayers Don’t You Ever Forget It!

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Is There A Difference?


What are the characteristics of emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse is any nonphysical behavior or attitude that controls, intimidates, subjugate, demeans, punishes or isolates another person by using degradation, humiliation or fear.

Here are a few examples:

  • yelling,
  • screaming, and
  • name-calling are all forms of emotional abuse, as are more
  • subtle tactics such as:refusing to be pleased with anything,
  • isolating an individual from family and friends and
  • invalidating another’s thoughts and feelings.
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Examples of emotionally abusive behaviors include:

  • Humiliating and degrading
  • Discounting, distorting and negating
  • Accusing and blaming
  • Isolating
  • Withholding affection and emotional support
  • Withholding financial resources
  • Dismissive, disapproving, or contemptuous looks, comments or behavior
  • Threatening harm to an individual’s pets, possessions or person

The effects of emotional abuse are often debilitating the symptoms you may have are:

  • depression,
  • confusion,
  • difficulty concentrating an making decisions,
  • overwhelming feelings of worthlessness,
  • hopelessness and
  • poor physical health.

What is the difference between emotional abuse and occasional outbursts of anger?

It’s important to distinguish between emotional abuse and an occasional outburst of anger. Because, everyone has a bad day once in a while and they may respond with a harsh or negative word on occasion does not mean that there is an ongoing pattern of abuse.

Emotional abuse is an ongoing pattern of behavior designed to:

  • control,
  • manipulate and
  • subjugate another that usually occurs behind closed doors.

Example: When you set the table for dinner, your spouse or family member will come into the kitchen, walk around the table and adjust the placement of the silverware, plates and glasses, saying some day you may or will get it right or maybe not ….

Why does one individual abuse another individual?

While the reasons for emotional abuse are complex, most experts believe it is rooted in unresolved childhood trauma. The individual is in as much pain as their victims, only they don’t realize it!It takes a great deal of effort and professional guidance for an abuser to overcome his destructive patterns of behavior.

What does the Bible say?

Nowhere in scripture does God sanction any kind of abuse! In 1 Corinthians 13, 4-7 God tells us what love is and what it is not. “It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs, it always protects. In regards to abuse within marriage, some misinterpret Ephesians 5:22 to justify abusive behavior. Scripture reveals that the marriage relationship is to reflect Christ’s relationship with his church—one of sacrificial love. A wife is called to respond to her husband’s biblical headship, not to his destructive and sinful behavior, just as the wife’s mandate is to respect her husband. God never condones abuse!

Can survivors of emotional abuse find help and hope? If you or someone you love is a victim of emotional abuse, there is hope! You can stop the cycle of abuse today by reaching out for help! You were created to have emotional freedom, inner peace, and strong self-esteem.

Emotional abuse has undermined God’s plan for your life, your joy, and your peace. What others have sabotaged, God can rebuild!” Emotional abuse is rampant in our culture, and Christians are not immune. While all emotionally abusive relationships take a toll on their victims. This type of domestic abuse within marriage is particularly destructive. The intimate nature of the marriage relationship presents unique challenges.

Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells?

Were you raised in a dysfunctional family? Our childhood experiences may set us up for making poor choices later on in life. You may need help to work through the challenges—as a couple, individually or both.


Find a safe place to talk and to someone, seek professional guidance each situation must be assessed on an individual level. Is separation from this individual an option?


A time to heal in the life of the abuser. It forces them to face the destructive nature of their behavior and gives them an opportunity to seek help.

The ultimate goal of this type of separation is healing—for the victim, the abuser and the marriage. When a woman says, ” If I stay here much longer, I’m going to hurt myself or he’s going to hurt me.” It’s time to move into a period of separation,”

There are safety factors for individuals or families that need to be considered.”

During the separation, the victim, with guidance from a counselor, can begin to set appropriate boundaries and goals for the relationship.

The abuser can also begin to address the issues causing their behavior.

When both partners are willing to do the necessary and painful work required for healing, spouses can salvage the relationship.

Sometimes—and despite best efforts—separation and divorce are unavoidable.

Other times, couples restore their relationship. It has been a long and difficult journey, but you can find healing—individually and in their marriage. “It may seem hopeless at the time, but it’s not.

There is a way out, there is hope!

An emotionally abusive childhood

Your childhood may have been emotionally abusive and unpredictable.

My mother, struggled from mental illness when I was a child.

Not only did the incidents of violent and frightening outbursts of rage leave me feeling insecure, unloved and inherently bad.

I sought out my attention by ditching school altogether or seeking some sort of affection from the opposite sex.

Lonely, insecure and feeling unloved, I grew to accept cruel and destructive behavior from friends, thinking I didn’t deserve any better.

I met my highschool sweetheart at my third high school. I describe our love as “love at first sight.”

He had a difficult home life, raised by a single alcoholic mother.

Burdened by the trauma of his past, he grew increasingly controlling and possessive.

As the abuse worsened, so did my health. I developed chronic pain. Although he was not a good fit for me I seemed to thrive for the challenge of tug of war. I can honestly say this pattern repeated with other relationships, some with different outcomes and all had different forms of abuse.

Now, almost 50 years old I strive to remain healthy. I know I can heal from a lifetime of abuse. It’s taken me some time to learn to trust people and to form healthy, biblical friendships. ”Despite the time it has taken to heal, I am grateful for all the love and support I have received from family and friends.

My testimony of God’s faithfulness and love. God has redeemed my pain and uses it to bring healing to others.

Should you be beaten or battered? Can you stop the cycle? Are you on high speed when you should be on low speed? Before going on to the the next step, are you thinking about the last step, what speed were you in? By not thinking about the speed you’re going in and forgetting that the beater is still set on high, all those ingredients will fly out of the bowl…and you may have to start all over again.

Spending lots of money and time trying to make a product that should have been there the first time, in the making, but, you were hasty and quickly tempered to lose it. We need to learn to remain present, remain calm and go slow when it comes to God’s creation. 

Do we need to unplug? Do we need a place to gather?  Are we leaving residue everywhere? Do we need to be cleaned? Are we open to recommendations? Are (we) spoiled-rotten, tasteless or tasteful are we producing a ripe harvest?

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Worth Experiencing


My dad brought me under his wing and started teaching me how to do some of his work. Breads, Danish, cookies and the all time famous custard filled Beehive. Now that is something worth experiencing.

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Recipes Worth Experiencing

My dad tried teaching me how to make the recipes, but, there was a problem with doing the recipes. Because, I did not have the muscles to lift the 40+ quart bowls full of the ingredients is this part worth experiencing?

Scaled Off Sizes

I had to work with the scaled off sizes, which was helping but, it has been a very hard task to fulfill when it comes to baking these days or being able to be called a baker, you must understand why you are using certain ingredients and the results of the product, like the rising and falling of an item.  This is where they say you need to know the science behind it.

Too Late To Learn

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I guess I could learn it now, but, what is the point right?  I am old, what is there to gain from it now?  Not true, there is always a need for it, you may need to make your own bread at home or you may need to teach someone else, so others are able to fend and feed themselves.  Knowledge is gained when you make food from scratch, and why not try using healthy ingredients like whole grains and fruit.

We can ingest items but, we must be cautious by not over indulging in them.  Speaking of which, I used to eat our baked goods, but, I worked out too, at this time I was the smallest I have ever been in life.  Do all things in moderation and remember that exercise is a great stress reliever  we all need to do some sort of exercise, remain fit, don’t be a couch potato there is no benefits to that.

Try Something Different Its All Worth Experiencing

Be unique by trying something different, why hold out for something you truly want, what are the advantages and disadvantages of experiencing something?