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My bakery life experience started shortly after the year I was born. My grandfather came out of the Army

Is Being From A Family Of Bakers A Life For Me?

Is a bakers life for me? My bakery life experience started shortly after the year I was born. My grandfather came out of the Army as a baker and eventually purchased a bakery. 

Along my grandfather’s side were two of his three sons. My father James was the youngest of three boys, my father oldest brother George both went to work for my grandfather. The middle son Richard choose to stay an auto mechanic.

When I was a youngster I went to work with my father quite a lot. I did whatever I could to keep myself busy at the bakery. I played with the cake decorating items and I watched everyone work very hard.

When I finally became exhausted enough to sleep.  I would climb up on bags of flour in our storage area to sleep on top of them.  The storage area was in our stock (inventory area) in the back of the bakery and to stay warm I would gather up a bundle of aprons to cover myself with.

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It’s Time To Rise

Then in the early hours before 6:00 am when the store front would open my dad would wake me for me to help myself to some freshly made baked goods. Then, around 6:00 am we would head home for my father to sleep during the day.

Cake Assembly

My grandfather trained a man by the name of Mark to assemble this particular fruit basket cake in record speed. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as a fruit basket cake was completed and placed in the showcase, it was purchased within seconds.

Mark spun the cake plate so fast as he filled the various layers of cake with whip cream and fruits.  The final step was to load the outside of the cake with fresh made whipped cream.  Mark assembled the cake in less than 5 minutes.  We sold this 8″fruit basket cake for $18.75.

Mark was the hardest and fastest worker when it came to assembling storefront whipped cream cakes.

Prior to Mark working for us he served time in prison, my grandfather gave him a second chance by hiring him and Mark made something of himself.

Praise God for this hard worker.

By Damaged Goods

I'm a third generation baker who is seeking an abundant life in baking by using God's earthly ingredients.

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